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Postcards for advertising

Postcards for product promotion,
invitations and event announcements

Postcards are a highly effective and efficient way to advertise.

Advertising Postcards are high quality, durable and are perfect for distribution, gift vouchers, real estate agents selling information and party invitations.

Postcards are usually A6 in size on 300gsm, often with a shiny celloglaze on the front side and uncoated on the reverse. This is just a general guide as we can print any size on any standard weight of paper with a gloss, matte or no celloglaze on one or both sides; it's up to you!

Sending personalised postcards to past business contacts reminds them of your services or products and is also a proven way to improve brand visibility. Photo cards are best for personal or business use. Create them to share experiences about your recent travel adventure or to showcase one of the products your business has to offer.



  • Improve your brand visibility
  • Perfect format for distribution
  • Great for hand-out or mail-out
  • Ideal for gift vouchers


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